A single platform drives a world of implementations

Every grocery retailer’s business is different. Each location in your fleet has unique requirements and challenges. Fulfill online orders for just one store or utilize a hub-and-spoke? With so many factors affecting your e-Grocery implementation strategy, you need a technology platform that can accommodate them all – enabling you to deploy a tailored e-Grocery solution that ideally suits your strategy and the constraints of each location.

Alert Innovation provides that platform. Our Alphabot® System is the most capital-efficient, scalable, and adaptable e-Grocery technology platform ever developed, powering options from store-level micro-fulfillment centers (located inside your store, underground or in your parking lot) to dark stores.

e-Grocery Micro-Fulfillment Center

Alphabot dramatically improves e-Grocery fulfillment and provides significantly enhanced capability versus other goods-to-picker technologies. An Alphabot-powered micro-fulfillment center can:

  • Operate in all three temperature zones – ambient, chill, and frozen.
  • Induct store-picked order totes (i.e., fresh goods) and automatically consolidate each order for dispensing to customer.
  • Store every customer’s completed order, eliminating the need for external storage and order staging.
  • Enable automated dispense to customers anywhere within the store, at walk-up order dispense portals or drive-up portals.
  • Use sub-totes to create multi-SKU totes instead of divider partitions. This enables automated defragmentation to increase fill-rate and allows automated dynamic replenishment at less-than-case quantities to double SKU density versus case-level replenishment.
  • Power a Remote Automated Dispense system in support of a hub-and-spoke strategy.
Alphabot System structure Remote Automated Dispense system


Alphabot technology enables – for the first time – a new kind of supermarket featuring automated-service rather than self-service. We call it Novastore. The Novastore format solves the most challenging problem you face as a self-service food retailer: how to move your business online profitably and at scale. We believe Novastore is destined to displace self-service and become the dominant paradigm in food retail. Alphabot is the only automation technology in existence that is capable of this extremely difficult application.


Non-Grocery Applications

At Alert Innovation, we’re singularly focused on revolutionizing grocery retail. That’s why we partner with leading systems integration and automation firms to make Alphabot technology available for other vertical market applications. The first partner in this program is Muratec, a global leader in the material handling industry.

The Alphabot® Platform

Our Alphabot technology is built around a mobile robot unique in its ability to operate in all three dimensions within a multilevel storage structure. Because our robots are the only moving parts – there are no lifts, conveyors, or any other material-handling mechanisms – an Alphabot solution is uniquely capital-efficient, scalable, and adaptable.