Over the last decade, Walmart has focused great efforts on creating a very efficient and productive supply chain from product creation to the end customer’s home. We continue to invest in new technologies and advanced systems that address the new demands of our online customers.

One important and exciting new initiative that is driving innovation at the store level is the introduction of Market Fulfillment Centers (MFC).


What is an MFC?

Market Fulfillment Centers – MFCs are compact fulfilment centers with dedicated inventory of popular items for online customers, built-in or added to a Walmart store to increase capacity and improve the customer & associate experience.

Automated picking systems work with manual picking efforts to efficiently handle large volumes of orders, minimize shipping times, and reduce costs.

Key Benefits

online grocery customer experience

Better Customer experience with fewer out of stocks & substitutions and faster delivery times.

woman grocery shopping in frozen food section

In-store experience also improves with less congestion and better inventory.

Walmart Associate working at the Alphabot System

Improved Associate experience with focused productivity, more confidence in inventory, reduced walking and reduced congestion in the store.

People-Led, Tech-Powered

Walmart chose the Alphabot system as the automation arm of MFCs. Our associates work in harmony with the automated system to efficiently process and dispense customer orders quickly.

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The advanced systems introduce new associate roles and wider career paths in an emerging new field for better career opportunities, and improved job satisfaction.

Working with the MFC system presents new leadership jobs in stores, like the newly created MFC Lead, and opportunities to learn and teach new tech-forward skills.

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Tech with a Purpose


Alphabot is leading a Walmart supercenter in Salem, New Hampshire into the future. Its goal? To revolutionize the online grocery pickup and delivery process for associates and customers.

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