Complete Temperature Coverage and End-to-End Automation Give Alert Innovation MFCs a 40% ROI Edge Over Competitors

Several other advantages of the Alphabot system identified, including labor savings and cold chain compliance

BOSTON, MA, September 16, 2021 –  Alert Innovation, the leading supplier of e-grocery automated fulfillment systems, delivers 40% greater ROI over traditional pick-to-order automation systems.  Unlike others, Alert Innovation’s Alphabot system uniquely has three integrated temperature zones – ambient, chilled and frozen – all served by a single fleet of robots. This enables end-to-end automation from order storage to consolidation and dispense delivering labor savings and cold chain compliance.

The combination of a comprehensive three-temperature zone system with order storage, consolidation, and the auto-dispensing of finished orders can generate an incremental $1.8m in annual savings and reduce labor needs by up to 40 full-time employees.

“Our solution offers all of these advantages because it was designed from the start to automate e-grocery fulfillment all the way down to store level,” said John Lert, Founder and CEO of Alert Innovation. “The scope of labor savings is proving to be especially beneficial in today’s tight labor market.”

The fleet of Alphabot robots travel across all three temperature zones for product storage and picking, and for staging finished orders, which dramatically increases system performance and productivity. In contrast, other systems require secondary storage and labor-intensive order staging because they can’t store completed orders in their system. And Alphabot is the only MFC (Micro-Fulfillment Center) system that integrates frozen picking and storage. Other technology platforms pick frozen items manually from the store floor and stage in secondary locations, which adds to labor costs.

“By keeping products in the appropriate temperature zone until delivery to shoppers, we’re able to ensure product freshness, quality, and cold chain compliance,” explains John Hennessy, Sr Director of Sales at Alert Innovation.

To further reduce the labor required to deliver completed orders to shoppers, Alert Innovation developed the auto-dispense capability that features Alphabot robots retrieving order totes from all three temperature zones and delivering directly to shopper’s curbside. By driving customer traffic to the store, the grocer eliminates last-mile delivery costs that can be $10-12 per order. Alphabot also supports bulk order dispense for hub-spoke operations or direct-to-home delivery.

Note: Alert Innovation is exhibiting at Groceryshop 2021 in Las Vegas September 20-21 (booth #516). Learn more at the booth with a unique Oculus Virtual Reality tour of the Alphabot system.

Alert Innovation Alphabot System
Alert Innovation – Alphabot System


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Alert Innovation® is a thought leader in retail and grocery automation, driving innovation that improves lives by transforming how retailers operate and people shop. Alert Innovation is an industry leader in robotic e-grocery fulfillment. The Alphabot® system, designed by the Alert Innovation team, is a unique automated fulfillment solution that utilizes patented omnidirectional robots in a temperature-controlled system for fresh, productive, and high-quality grocery fulfillment. Alert Innovation also designed the Novastore™, a store concept utilizing the Alphabot system to deliver a dynamic and efficient shopping experience.

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