Alert Innovation Launches - A Global Resource for Retail & Grocery Automation

New website is a valuable source of information for grocery e-commerce and store automation

BOSTON, MA, June 30, 2021 Alert Innovation, thought leader in grocery automation, launches, an online educational resource for the global e-commerce and store automation community.

As grocery and retail brands begin to improve their bottom line with new technologies, robotics, and warehouse automation, the entire supply chain industry is changing rapidly. Supply chain operations are evolving into more efficient engines that integrate new computerized tools and employ new micro-fullfimment centers on-site and/or with ancillary fulfillment centers.

With so many changes, employees and business partners are forced to learn an entirely new vocabulary related to the updated value chain. is an online resource, updated in real-time, developed to educate the community and accommodate the fast-growing demand for information on new topics related to e-commerce in the grocery business.

Alert Innovation is very excited to launch this new resource and guide for our business community,” said John Lert, Founder and CEO of Alert Innovation. “Our goal for the site is to broaden the understanding of grocery e-commerce and store automation for improved conversations that continue to propel the industry forward.” features a comprehensive vocabulary list of terms, phrases and acronyms that cover numerous topics in global grocery, retail and supply chain automation. The site uses a unique balance of multi-media including imagery, animations and videos to educate audiences on various terms and processes. Future plans include more resources such as industry white papers, best practice guides, and trend-spotting links for the industry.

The site is continuously being updated and welcomes the addition of new terms through an online form. For more information, visit



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Founded in 2013, Alert Innovation’s mission is to improve people’s lives through innovation, starting with retail, by transforming how people shop and how retailers operate. Alert Innovation has brought to market the Alphabot® Automated Storage and Retrieval System and Automated Each-Picking System and is creating a new kind of automated supermarket called Novastore™. More information is available at

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