Alert Innovation Establishes Alert Innovation Academy

Training and development programs offer path to future in automation for retail associates; support vendors and third-party service companies in Alphabot eco-system

BOSTON, MA, May 19, 2021 Alert Innovation, Inc., the thought leaders behind the fully automated Novastore supermarket concept and makers of the Alphabot® system, the retail industry’s most effective automated ecommerce fulfillment solution, is launching a training and career development organization for retail associates, managers, and third party service providers. Alert Innovation Academy trains employees to work with the Alphabot system using interactive programs that cover topics like safety, basic operation, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, overall system management, and detailed servicing for experts.

“We are excited to offer Alert Innovation Academy as an automation career development path for traditional retail associates. We view the Academy as just one part of a whole new ecosystem that automation is driving, including manufacturing, engineering, quality, service and more. Our ability to train and develop the professionals needed to support that automation ecosystem will drive expansion and create job growth,” said John Lert, Founder and CEO of Alert Innovation.

Alert Innovation Academy starts with training retail associates to operate the Alphabot system, then provides a career path to robotics technician 1 and technician 2, where they learn much more about automation technology. The Academy also offers programs for those interested in the systems operations manager role. Beyond retail staff members, the Academy trains third party technical support and service companies to expertly maintain the Alphabot platform.

About Alert Innovation, Inc

Founded in 2013, Alert Innovation’s mission is to improve people’s lives through innovation, starting with retail, by transforming how people shop and how retailers operate. Alert Innovation has brought to market the Alphabot® Automated Storage and Retrieval System and Automated Each-Picking System and is creating a new kind of automated supermarket called Novastore™. More information is available at

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