How will you profitably support online grocery ordering as it becomes a larger percentage of your sales? Novastore provides the only practical, sustainable answer. By enabling automated service – rather than self-service – Novastore fundamentally improves the operating economics of grocery selling while providing a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Meet your future supermarket

The Novastore model shown here is 45 feet high, has two floors, and occupies a footprint of only 17,000 square feet. Yet it holds the product assortment of a conventional self-service supermarket with a store footprint and parking area four times as large. On the first floor is a self-service fresh market, with no checkout lanes and no center store. All packaged goods are ordered by customers electronically either onsite or remotely. All orders are picked by an Alphabot micro-fulfillment center operating on the upper floor. While this animation shows a greenfield store specifically designed for this format, we believe that virtually any existing supermarket of average size or larger can be converted to a Novastore – with no reduction in assortment or sales volume.


A Conversation with our Founder

The Novastore format will drive quantum improvements in both customer experience and store-operating economics compared to any other multi-channel model. By delivering these benefits while enabling you to leverage your existing store assets, Novastore will shift the food-retail paradigm. Learn more from our Founder, John Lert.